Hidden Talents is a unique, online dance programme for young children to explore and experience a broad range of opportunities, allowing them to be creative, play and have fun.

Vital for child development, Hidden Talents provides an easy-to-follow curriculum along with the educating tools to deliver an exciting and innovative experience. Igniting enthusiasm, fun and fitness. It creates exciting opportunities and encourages children to try something new.

Our dance programme offers an inspiring opportunity to encourage children of all ages to explore dance during the school day or in a school club setting.

This is an interactive, online dance programme that lifts the spirits of the children through dance and music. The child’s well-being and mental health are our top priority. Their happy place starts here!

programme overview

  • Giving every child the chance to be creative and have fun through dance

  • Adaptable and personal programme

  • A programme which will benefit the pupil, teacher, school and wider community

  • Allowing children to experience different opportunities and explore dance within school 

  • Igniting enthusiasm and passion

Aiding and supporting a childs development

Our programmes can be used as part of your PE curriculum, an after school club or as a performing arts class.

All programmes will let you access the Hidden Talents Support Network.

All programmes can be used to achieve The Arts Award.

our programmes

Early Years Programme Ages: 3-5

Gain access to the Early Years Foundation Stage programme.


7 Exercises and original music included.

VIP Programme

Gain access to both Early Years Foundation Stage Programme + Key Stage 1 Programme.


Includes all benefits from both programmes.

Key Stage 1 Programme Ages: 6-8

Gain access to the Key Stage 1 programme.


7 Exercises and original music included.

Have any inclusion or accessibility questions?

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