About Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents is a unique, online dance arts programme for young children to explore and experience a broad range of opportunities, allowing them to be creative, play and have fun.


Vital for child development, Hidden Talents provides an easy-to-follow curriculum along with the educating tools to deliver an exciting and innovative experience. Igniting enthusiasm, fun and fitness, it creates exciting opportunities and encourages children to try something new.


Our dance programme offers an inspiring opportunity to encourage children of all ages to explore dance during the school day or in a school club setting.


Express yourself through dance

Uniquely created to explore everyone’s hidden talents.

This is a virtual, interactive, online dance programme that lifts the spirits of children through dance and music.

The child’s well-being and mental health are our top priority. Their happy place starts here!

  • The programme builds confidence

  • Improves physical fitness

  • Promotes positivity


Hidden Talents Overview

Giving every child the chance to be creative and have fun through dance.

  • A programme which will benefit the pupil, teacher, school and wider community

  • Allowing children to experience different opportunities and explore dance

  • Igniting enthusiasm and passion

  • Providing children with the tools to fulfil their potential

  • Giving opportunities for children to use their imagination, be creative, and play

  • Aiding and supporting a child's development

  • It has been inspired by a child's imagination



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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed here, please contact us.

The Hidden Talents programme can be delivered online, using your own log-in you can use our virtual teacher and follow-on exercises, or it can be delivered by a teacher/ member of staff. With our easy to follow teaching guides and our Hidden Talents Support Network, any member of staff is able to deliver this programme, meaning it is easily accessible and you do not need to employ an expert or outside coach to teach dance. It can be run at any time, completing all the exercises or just teaching one or two. It is adaptable to any school and their own setting.

At Hidden Talents, we believe that the teacher knows their children best. We also believe that despite any diagnosis or barrier, children should feel included and equal. Therefore we have created our Hidden Talents Support Network, which answers your personal questions and problematic areas in full confidentiality and empathy. There is no way we can categorize every child, and we can not predict how each and every child will respond to physical activity, regardless of their educational needs or disabilities. Therefore we have created an interactive platform that can answer your personal questions and support you by providing different ideas to try and solutions. There are always different alternatives and solutions to any problem. But most importantly, the programme creates a safe area where confidence is improved and children are having fun. There is no wrong move or answer and all children, whatever their barriers, can enjoy Hidden Talents. This programme supports creativity, uniqueness and individuality. A safe, happy place for all children to enjoy.

Hidden Talents has been created by teachers, who understand and have experienced the challenges teachers face on a daily basis. Adaptability is extremely important to Hidden Talents. Therefore we have created a programme that can run as part of the PE curriculum, as a performing arts class, run as an after school or lunch time club or even run as a brain breaker activity. Due to our virtual teacher and easy follow on exercises, this programme can be run using our online resource, or it can be delivered by a teacher or support staff. On your online profile you are able to download the individual exercises or songs and runtime whole programme, or pick individual exercises. We also provide cross-curricular links, so you can use our Hidden Talents themes back in the classroom. Everything you need is in one place and it has opportunities to be used in various ways to benefit the children .

This programme creates a feel good factor for every child. Looking at different child themes, the child can immerse themselves fully and use the exercises to be creative, play and use their imagination. They are fully encouraged to express themselves and have fun. It is fast paced, high energy and inspiring. Hidden Talents has been inspired by kids, and it is loved by kids. Enjoy!

Our Hidden Talents programme provides all the teaching tools to deliver high quality lessons, regardless of the teacher's background and expertise in dance. Hidden Talents aims to improve the provision of dance and the teachers confidence. Every teacher has the option to use our online lesson and virtual teacher to deliver the lesson. However this can also be used as a teaching and learning resource to support the delivery of the lesson. Our clear teaching guide will provide support and ideas to deliver the programme and our Hidden Talents support network is always ready to take on your burning questions to improve your lesson environment.

The Hidden Talents programme runs as a 30 mins class. The teacher can either press play on our online viewing area in their account or the teacher can use our video and plans as a teaching resource and teach it themselves. This programme can also be used for support staff or as brain breakers. You can do all exercises or pick your best ones each week. However to assess full progress, we advise you to complete all 7 exercises each week.

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